2023 Wedding collections

transparent. no suprises.

Collection 1

The most “everything” collection.

A lot of coverage time, full of photo sessions, and a lot of fun !

For those who want nothing less than perfection to make their wedding day a true life experience, with a photographic coverage of several days.

A well suited collection for destination weddings !


UP TO 16h of coverage**

(getting ready – dancefloor)

– unlimited exchanges

– online gallery, approx. 500 photos HD

– Album + box, 30*30cm, 80 pages

– 2 parents version albums, 23*23cm, 80 pages

– engagement session 1h30*

– day after session 2h*

– Rehersal dinner 3h*

– Brunch 3h*

– photobooth rental 400 prints (digitally unlimited)

– platinium member: -15% on all future sessions

4 500€

(À la carte: 6 950€)

Collection 2

The best-seller: a 12h coverage for a full “traditional” wedding day, with 2 photo sessions to create great memories:

an Engagement session to reherse and get comfy with me, and a Day after session, to get creative with your wedding clothes in a gorgeous location !

And of course, a professional photo album to keep all your memories safe !


up to 12h of coverage**

(getting ready – dinner)

– unlimited exchanges

– online gallery, approx. 400 photos HD

– Album 23*23cm, 80 pages

– Engagement session 1h30*

– Day after session 2h*

– Lifetime gold membership: -5% on any future session

2 500€

(À la carte: 3 600€)

Collection 3

Collection 2 on a diet ! Only the most important steps of your day, with a sweeter price point.

Bonus time : you still get an engagement session to relax and a smaller photo album to remember your wedding in a decade.



(Getting ready – cocktail)

– Unlimited exchanges

– Online gallery, approx. 300 photos HD

– Album 23*23cm, 60 pages

– Engagement session 1h30 *

1 900€

(À la carte: 2 300€)

couple mariage raba

Collection 4

Only during the week (Mon-Fri) or in the slow season (Nov.-March).

For those who are on a budget or just want to have only the most essential moments captured.


UP to 6h of coverage**

(Ceremony – Cocktail)

– Unlimited exchanges

– Online gallery, approx. 250 photos HD

1 400€

* travel fees included in an area of 50km and/or 1h driving. additional cost beyond.

**If applicable, any accommodation and meals not included in the pricing.

//Included in all collections



our discussions, unlimited.

Above all, I am a life photographer: I love meeting new people and learning their stories. Because of that, I want to discuss a lot with my couples, so I’ll be asking you to often talk and discuss the planing of your day but also how your life is going ! Don’t worry, I’m not gonna call you every two days, but we’ll chat and meet regularly.

photo coverage of your getting ready.

In my top 3 of my favorite wedding moments ! Getting readys are kinda the calm before the storm: you can feel the vibe of “something big is coming”, and this allows me to take creative pictures. That’s also a great time to start meeting your closest guests and family members: I like to chat with them and introduce before starting photographing them. This will make for much more natural pictures down the road.


online gallery & photo album

You’ll receive digital files first, on a password protected gallery: that’s the most convenient way to share them with your guests !

Then, we’ll work together on the draft of the album: selecting and arranging the pictures to best tell your story.

As a book lover, that’s only logical I include a photo album in most of my collections. And unlike digital files, the photo album is much more difficult to erase by mistake.


my investment. 1000%.

“What if, beyond a style, you chose an experience?”

I mean every word of this “catchphrase” I wrote on my wedding page.

My personal dedication and professionalism are guarantied for your wedding day: in the quality of our discussions and also in the way I will behave at your wedding.

Choosing a wedding photographer means trusting someone to capture one of the most important days of your life. Thats a BIG deal.

It’s choosing to create memories to consult and rediscover, maybe with a pinch of nostalgia, in 5, 10 or even 20 years.

More importantly, it’s building a family inheritance: for your closest ones, brothers and sisters, children and even their children after them.

Who never felt this mixed feeling of pleasure and excitement, discovering an old photo album in the attic of a family house ?

“Ooooh, that’s how grandma looked like on her wedding day…? She was stunning…”

This substantial investment you make today may one day become invaluable for you or your loved ones.

Your memories.

Their heritage.

A la carte.

Day After


Feeling nostalgic already ?

Get your wedding dress and let’s go to the beach (or anywhere you want) for a 2 hours sunset session !

The opportunity to take a break from all the wedding preparation.

A couple moment, just the 3 of us.

Bonus: you will be way more relaxed on your wedding day couple session !



500 €

350 €

see examples

See examples


Additional coverage hour






Engagement session (1h30)*

Day after session(2h)*

Rehersal or brunch (3h)*

Bachelor(ette) session 2*2h







23*23cm, 60 pages, lay flat

30*30cm, 80 pages, lay flat

2 parents albums, 23*23cm, 80 pages

Gift albums 13*13cm, 20 pages (10)

Gift albums 13*13cm, 20 pages (50)




20 thick prints 10*15cm, wooden box

3 Fine Art prints, 60*40cm



Photobooth rental – 400 prints max (installation, personalization, online gallery) / Unlimited digital files

Express delivery

Express delivery of the online gallery within 10 business days (instead of 6 to 8 weeks)


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