some of my

I started participating in professional photo contests in 2022. Why?

Well, firstly I'm proud of the work I do for my couples and enjoy sharing it for other people to see.

It's also a great way for me to challenge myself, always trying new ideas, new compositions, new angles.

For me, photo contests are an excuse to always have a new challenge and trying to be always more creative wedding after wedding.

And wouldn't it be nice to have some of your wedding photos among the best ones selected ?

Engagement session

// WPJA (wedding photojournalist association) - Diamond Awards

Beyond your wedding day photos, the WPJA delivers awards for Engagement sessions, named Diamond awards. Here are some winners taken with my couples, making me part of the 30 best Engagement Photographers from France and top 9 in Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Creative Portraits

// WPJA (wedding photojournalist association) - Artistic Guild

The WPJA celebrates artistic pictures taken on a wedding day, with a creative and original vibe.

As opposed to reportage pictures taken in the moment, these pictures are a bit more prepared and can be beautiful pictures to print and display on a wall of your living room.

Let's talk

// Reach out

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