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Grew up in France Southwest and moved to Bordeaux 10 years ago. Thirty-something. Proud dad of a 2 y.o. Biker. Tattooed. Gamer. Heroic-Fantasy reader. Coffee addict. Rock fan & beer enthusiast. Sensitive. Creative. Addicted to outdoor walks.


Creator of experiences.



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For a long time, I did not show my emotions, which sometimes made me look like a cold person.

For several years now, I’ve been learning to let go and open up. Photography, beyond being a passion, has helped me in this process and became a therapy. The camera pushes me to face situations and emotions that move me and to reveal my sensitivity.

My freedom has always been a founding pillar, as vital as breathing. Passionate about the outdoors, my activities take a lot of space in life: photography (duh), reading, bike, but also video games (from time to time), travels, and any other new idea I’ve got at the moment.
I also have a vital need for solitude, from time to time.

I did not want

to do weddings

My relationship with the camera started on the late side.

As you can guess, I initially bought my 1st camera for a trip: I got frustrated with my iPhone photos (iPhone 6 photos were crap !).

Initially, I absolutely didn’t want to photograph weddings, or any kind of portrait, for that matter. I was drawn to landscape and travel photography. I actually did think wedding photography was kind of an exit for those who did not succeed in any other type of photography…

But I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding, as a favor for a friend.

Man, what a dumbass I’ve been ! I realized then wedding photography doesn’t have to be traditional, lame or boring. It can be a lot of fun and creative!

What a surprise: me, rather solitary, enjoyed meeting new people, having fun with them discovering their stories, partying with them at night !

And to be perfectly honest, it’s amazing that you never know what to expect at a wedding, which makes it so much fun !

great outdoors

The love for the

Rather solitary in my day to day life, I completely transform on a wedding day.

I become your best friend, the one helping you, guiding you, comforting you, if needed.

Kind and smiling, I know how to be discrete during ceremonies not to disturb you. But I’m also able to raise my voice to gather everyone for group pictures.

I allow myself to be in the moment with you, that’s how I get closer to your story to better tell it.

I open up and accept to be vulnerable, just for a day. I live the moment with you and feel the words you exchange with your vows.

My morning coffee.

In a nutshell.

Eco-friendly commitment.

Since the birth of my daughter in 2020, I’ve been making changes in the way I live. Having an eco-friendly approach, both in my professional and personal life is something I care a lot about.

My ultimate goal ? To allow Julia and so many others to enjoy nature and the world as we know it now and as I’ve been able to enjoy it myself.

Eco-friendly photographer

// eco-friendly wedding photographer

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Toulousain expatrié à Bordeaux depuis 10 ans. Trente-et-quelques années. Papa d'une petite de 3 ans. Motard. Tatoué. Gamer. Lecteur de Fantasy. Addict au café. Fan de Rock et de bière. Sensible. Créatif. Accro aux balades en extérieur.

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