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What if, beyond a style, you chose an experience?

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He asked you to marry him and you got hit by that wonderful feeling, that happiness shot.

Right in your face.

And it felt good. All of a sudden, all your issues, concerns and stress were gone. You enjoyed that moment and made it last, for as long as you could.

But that moment is gone now. Time to get back to reality, roll up your sleeves and start planning your wedding.

But where do you start? There’s so much to be done ! Who’s on the guests list ? How to plan for the day ? Where to find a good photographer ? Band or DJ ? What’s the theme of the day ? Where can you find your wedding dress ?·

What if i told you that, instead of spending all your energy explaining to your mom why aunty Catherine is not invited, you could lean on industry professionals to take care of you ?

What if you could be certain that everything is gonna be ok ?

Hi, I’m Pierre and I’m here to take care of you !

I can’t help you if you can’t stand your step mom though, sorry !

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// Artistic vision

// Professionalism

I’ve always searched for a busy life, always a new project in mind. That’s what keeps me going, making me feel i’m going forward.

My life project is currently building a house and planning our wedding, simultaneously. And of course keeping some family time with our 2 years-old daughter.

So I know how it feels to have a busy life and not much spare time to plan a wedding. I also know what it it to doubt you’ll ever succeed in reaching your goals.

That’s why, besides my photographic vision, I do my absolutely best to offer you peace of mind for your wedding day.

For several years, i’ve been working with couples before, during and after their wedding day. I have seen their stress, anxiety and how much my guidance has helped them.

Has allowed them to enjoy their special day.

Yes, weddings can be consevative with the weight of traditions. But it does not necessarily have to be. Why should you do as everyone else ?
Why not having a cocktail hour on a boat on the Bassin d’Arcachon ? An intimate ceremony, feet naked, in the woods ? A Day After session at the top of a mountain ?

Relax, I’ve got you.

bouquet mariée

For some that is probably true, but not with me !

I chat, i laugh and, just like you, i sometimes cry.

And I even sometimes share a cold beer (or two) with you during cocktail hour, ’cause “it’s hot right? “.

Not necesarily ! I loooove secular ceremonies and I usually advise to limit group pictures to 4 or 5 groups. That will keep you from getting cooked under the sun at 4pm with sore cheeks.

Dare to have a wedding to your liking !

You don’t want to get bored at your own wedding just for the sake of tradition, right ?

Nope ! Unless you want a bland and tasteless vibe in your pictures.

That’s not really my stuff.

I like to play with my couples, make them laugh (i’ve got a full bag of dad jokes). That’s what make super-duper spontaneous moments.

Picture this. The day prior to your wedding. A bit nervous.

Not that negative stress you feel a few hours before taking a test or having a job interview. Rather a silent enthusiasm that feels good, like the day before vacation.

You are going to get married tomorrow, bind your life to the person you love most, surrounded by your families, friends, the most important people in your life. And you are calm.

Even better, you can’t wait.

You know there may be some unplanned events, but you don’t care. Because you know I’ll be there every step of the way, making you live a great experience while taking timeless pictures of all these small moments that make great stories.

Your story.

The one you will rediscover in years, browsing through your wedding album with your family, your children and even their children after them.

The one that will count how this day was planned according to your wishes, whether it’s traditional, fun, shy, adventurous, roots, intimate, wild, elegant…

mariage élégant au chateau camarsac

Are we a match?

A good beer and a few hours to get to know each other, talk about you, your love and your project.

Or to bitch against Netflix for taking 3 years to release the last season of Stranger Things.

Your call.


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Oh…you’re sure…?

Sure you don’t want a top experience with an involved photographer that listens to you and guide you ?

Well, alright, that’s your call, but you’re odd… 😅

And… “Bon chance” 😘

Yay! It’s gonna be so much fun !

We’re going to build that trusty relationship over time, through calls and meetings.

We can even get together for your couple engagement session: not only will you get great pictures, you will spend some quality time in a really nice place !

On the D Day, I will not be that stranger that is always on your back making you uncormfortable. I will be the nice yet professional person you already know and trust to take your wedding pictures and make you laugh with really bad jokes.

I’ve got a very busy life and not much time right now.

We don’t like to be photographed. Is that bad ?

photographe mariage bordeaux

I don’t exactly know what i want for the day, yet. Is this an issue ?

Ok, we’re in. Do you travel ?

Alright, how much is this gonna cost ?

// J&J – Pierre made us feel very comfortable. There’s no hesitation to have, we recommend him 1000%.

// H&A – Pierre is a great photographer, very professional yet very friendly !

// M&J – Just at the moment i thought he could not do better, he surprised us with more.

Dare to fully enjoy your wedding !


Now you’re 95% sure I’m the right photographer for your wedding, fill in this form and send me a message !

Give me all the details and information, I love a good story ! Tell me about yourself, your couple, your plans for the day, etc. You can go crazy with the details !

I’ll get back to you within 24h to set up a call. If you don’t ear from me within a day, please check your spam inbox.

I can’t wait to meet you !

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