The Gallery

How to use guide, just for you.

Your online gallery help

Here is a short guide to help you manage your wedding photos and make sure all is safe and backed up.

1. Entering the Gallery

Fill the short form with your name and email to gain access to the gallery.

You can choose wether or not you'd like to be kept informed of any promotional offer, it's up to you !

2. Discover the story with the slideshow.

I prepared a musical slideshow of my own personal best of to better tell your story.

The music I chose reflects on how I felt the day was, and I wanted to share this with you.

It's also a quick and easy way for you to share a preview of your wedding pictures with guests and family.

3. Dig deep into the gallery with the menu

Your wedding pictures are organized by moments of the day and you can have a quick access to each with the menu at the top.

4. Backup everything. Right now.

Click on the arrow at the top right corner and download the full gallery in HD. This is a zip file, and I recommend keeping it this way. Copy it to several places (USB Drive, Cloud, remote location) to ensure you will always be able to recover your pictures in case of hard drive failure, home robbery or even fire.

5. Select your favs.

You can add a heart on your favorite pictures to save them.

On the top right section of the menu bar, you'll be able to access all your favorite images to download them individually or even order prints/albums.

6. Get a look at the shop.

Digital files are convenient and easy to share, but printed products are always a good way to enjoy your photos.

Within your gallery, you have the option to order some prints, albums and other products that display your wedding photos.

Pro tip: you can create an automatically built album based on your favorite pictures selected at step n°5. You're welcome 😊.

Still need help ?

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